Welcome Coronation families to The Umbrella Project!  

This school year, your child(ren) will be participating in the program again.  The Umbrella Project (https://umbrellaproject.co/) is a curriculum designed to help your child learn the skills of emotional wellbeing.  During these unprecedented COVID times, the importance of learning these traits is so valuable.  

We will be focusing on a variety of traits, some of which are: GRATITUDE, PURPOSE, KINDNESS, OPTIMISM, GROWTH MINDSET, MINDFULNESS, and more.

Developing these skills will help your child lead a happier, more successful life.  Learn more about The Umbrella Project of emotional wellbeing by watching this short 2 minute video:

The Umbrella Project Video

Caregivers have a powerful impact on childhood wellbeing and your participation will help to deepen your child’s understanding of these important skills.  You can follow along with your child’s learning journey by subscribing to the weekly newsletter (details below) where they will provide information about fostering the skill your child is focusing on in class. You can also follow the Umbrella Project on social media for additional tips, resources and information (facebook, twitter, instagram).

Information for Parents

We look forward to participating in this program again with your child(ren)!