What if there is a Snow Day?

Best practice is to tune into the radio or visit the transportation website when the weather seems bad.  Information will be sent out quickly after the decision has been made to close schools or cancel transportation.

If school has already started and we need to get students home, dismissal of students that walk to school will occur at the regularly scheduled dismissal time. You as Parents/Guardians have the option of keeping your children at home or picking them up before the regular dismissal if you are concerned about weather conditions.

For information in the morning tune into:

  • KOOL-FM FM 105.3
  • CKWR Kitchener FM 98.5
  • MAGIC FM FM 106.1
  • CHYM Kitchener FM 96.7
  • 570 News AM 570
  • Dave FM FM 107.5
  • Oldies 1090 AM 1090
  • Kicx FM 106.7
  • Faith FM FM 94.3
  • The Beat FM 91.5
  • CKCO-TV Kitchener is also contacted
  • CBC Radio FM 89.1

Below are links to the WRDSB transportation page and a direct link to cancellations.  You can connect to this information via social media by visiting the below sites.



It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to arrange alternative accommodation for their child if the child cannot go home, like if a parent is stuck at work or stuck on the roads. The plan needs to be explained to the child and the school needs to know, in writing, what the alternative arrangements would be.  It is best to review this plan before the serious weather sets in and we face a closure.

Safety is always our number one concern, let it be yours as well as we prepare for the possible storms of winter.